Scottish Salmon Company and Loch Fyne Oysters operating IMTA site in Ardcastle

Since obtaining the various consents and marine licences for an Integrated Multi Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) site in early January 2013 The Scottish Salmon company Limited (SSC) and Loch Fyne Oysters Limited ( LFO) have been busy installing an IMTA site adjacent to the Ardcastle salmon farm owned and operated by SSC.

The site infrastructure is just about complete and comprises

  •  1X  220 metre long lime that will be used to grow pacific oysters in SEAPA baskets

    oysters in SEAPA basket
  • 2X 220 metre seaweed lines of Saccorhiza polyschides and Saccharina latissima

    sea urchins grazing on sacharrina latissima
  • 7X  220 metre mussel lines
  • 1X  line containing queen scallops and sea urchins

    Queen scallops in lantern net

We are waiting for the mussel spat to arrive and have deployed x 50 km of pegged rope using a total of 165,000 plastic pegs which has been quite time consuming to put out especially when it is poor weather.

We have set up a Representative Monitoring Point (RMP) for classification purposes and have just received our first results:  4X A grades (< 20 E.Coli) for oysters, mussels, sea urchins and queen scallops which is very encouraging  – it is going to take a further 11 months before we will be permitted to sell any of these species.

Now the interesting part begins where we start to take a wide range of tests on both the environment and the animals and seaweeds included in the project and we will relay these results as we receive them. We will continue to update you as the project proceeds so check back often on the Idreem’s website.

By SSC and LFO

17.04.2013 Ardcastle – Loch Fyne – Argyll – Scotland

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