An Oceanosphere for sustainable fish farming

Image: Hawaii Oceanic Technology

An innovative fish tank designed by Hawaii Oceanic Technology for open ocean acquaculture has received approval for use in U.S., Philippines and Canada and is expected to be approved also for Europe and Japan.

According to FAO, by 2030 an additional 62 million metric tons of seafood needs to be produced annually to meet the growing demand without depleting wild ocean stocks.

The Oceansphere – a spherical cage with an exoskeleton made of neutrally buoyant materials, might be a solution for this, this fishing system is an automated positioning and submersible open ocean platform that can grow yellow fin tuna and other pelagic species in an efficient and sustainable manner.

“The idea is to move fish farming off-land, away from industrialised near shore waters, bays and estuaries, out into the deep ocean, where it is a desert-like environment,” says Bill Spencer, the firm’s chief executive officer. There, the farming system will be isolated and submerged so it will not be affected by surface activities like high winds or typhoons. This system would enable natural processes to occur, while resulting in, better health and faster growth for the fish.


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