IDREEM partner Daithi O’Murchu Marine Research Station (DOMMRS) featured on Euronews Futuris and Horizon 2020

One of IDREEM’s partners, Daithi O’Murchu Marine Research Station (DOMMRS) has recently been featured in two programmes, namely Euronews Futuris and Horizon 2020.

The reports focus on a project DOMMRS is coordinating – MABFUEL, investigating the use of algae as biofuel.  In these videos, you will see seaweed lines which are also used for IDREEM.

The seaweed farm situated in Bantry Bay, Ireland grows seaweed up to a length of 2-3 metres.

In the first clip IDREEM researchers Julie Maguire and Freddie O’Mahony explain the benefits of seaweed farming and describe how it can act as a sort of “nutrient mop”.

Some interesting information about seaweed: Seaweed doesn’t require any fertilizer but grows fast (growing to full size in 6 months).  Seaweeds help clean the sea of excessive nutrients and are also tasty to eat!

The second clip shows some seaweed sampling being done in Bantry Bay, where one of the IDREEM IMTA sites is located.

Watch the videos here:

Euronews Futuris:

Horizon 2020 clip:


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