IMTA – Longlines at Loch Fyne Oysters

Since the beginning of the IDREEM project, the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) has been working with the Scottish Salmon Company (SSC) and Loch Fyne Oysters (LFO) on an IMTA site at Ardcastle, situated on Loch Fyne, a large sea loch on the west coast of Scotland.

Progress developing the site has been rapid thanks to the hard work of LFO, and by early 2013 a series of ten 300m longlines were in place to the south of the existing salmon farm. At the end of January, SAMS provided rope seeded with young Alaria esculenta kelp plants, which were outplanted successfully. LFO undertook a successful harvest of the first crop from the site in the spring of this year, with production manager David Attwood (centre) seen with the kelp.


Harvesting of macroalgae longlines at Loch Fyne Oysters


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