The project SUMERGI+DOS Is an initiative of the Culmárex Group, a member of Cooke Aquaculture Inc. The project is the result of the company awareness to go a step forward to address the challenges of the marine aquaculture according to the European and national recommendations for the marine aquaculture sector.
The companies of the group involved in the project are located in Málaga (Cultivos del Ponto) and Almeria (Piscifactorias de Aguadulce). For project implementation both companies count with the scientific and technological support of the Aquaculture Technology Centre of Andalusia, “CTAQUA” (
The project, launched in 2012, is based on the implementation of a series of activities focused on the development of IMTA production technology in offshore facilities and on the development of systems that will simplify underwater work in these structures improving working conditions and safety of the divers.
The overall objective of the project SUMERGI+DOS is to develop and improve the economic and environmental sustainability of fish culture in open sea through the implementation of integrated multi-trophic aquaculture systems. To achieve this objective, submarine technology will be used to support the optimization, maintenance and monitoring of the works.
The specific objectives related to the development of IMTA in fish farms are:
• Determine biological and physico-chemical conditions of the farming areas to design the specific technology.
• Determine the multispecies carrying capacity of the offshore facility to plan and develop commercial scale culture.
• Implement a specific IMTA for a specific aquaculture facility.
• Determine the environmental, social and economic benefits of the development of IMTA for the companies “Cultivos del Ponto” and “Piscifactoria de Aguadulce”.

Initially, a theoretical and practical approach has been designed to determine the suitable species to be used for experiences; a selection of naturally occurring species in the area has been performed based on the state of the art of the culture of those species in the mentioned geographic areas.
Subsequently, a SWOT analysis has been prepared to select the best species based on technical criteria such as rapid growth, low maintenance and possibility to obtain spats for the grow out.
A specific culture system has been designed and optimized for cultivation of these species integrated with the actual structures in use in the farm. Through the follow up of the productivity and the culture, maximum carrying capacity has been defined so to calculate the economic viability of operating a multi-trophic culture.
At the completion of the project, scheduled for March 2015, is intended to define the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the product, evaluate the positive effect on the environment and evaluate the synergies with other services from the production.

For further information please contact the project responsible:
Dr. Maria Dolores Lopez Belluga
Culmarex Group. Responsible R & D & i.
Mail: Marilo.lopez @
Telephone: (+34) 968 49 34 49

Maria del Mar Martinez Agraso
CTAQUA. Responsible Project Department.
Mail: mm.agraso @
Telephone: (+34) 956 569 363

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