Video highlights the dangers of acidification for Mediterranean aquaculture

The MedSeA Project has published a video titled Testing the Waters: Acidification in the Mediterranean. The video, produced by Dutch director Maarten van Rouveroy, shows key information, scientific knowledge, and findings of the MedSeA Project, against the beautiful (and endangered) setting of the Mediterranean waters. It also talks about the challenges that bivalve aquaculture will have to face in this changing context.

Testing the Waters is an effort from the MedSea project to reach the widest audience possible, in order to raise awareness on the constant dangers stemming from ocean acidification and warming. Aquaculture, the tourism and leisure industries, and the whole economy of a large share of Europe’s coastline and population are threatened by these stresses. Spreading as much information as possible, while engaging policy-makers to address this issue and start devising solutions, is one of the key objectives of the MedSeA Project.

Read more about MedSea Project here.

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