Seaweed research technologies and markets highlighted at international workshop

EU-seaweed workshopLast month in Oban, the Scottish Marine Science Association (SAMS) held a workshop that brought together Europe’s leading seaweed research and development projects. European Seaweed Production and Marketability workshop presented the activities of five different European projects: AT~SEA, EnAlgae, IDREEM, SeaBioPlas and Atlantic Blue Tech. It was organized in conjunction with the GlobalSeaweed network and the Biomarine International Clusters Association (BICA).

Walter Speirs, chairman of the Scottish Seaweed Industry Association, opened the workshop and emphasised the need for businesses to work with government and regulatory bodies early on if the potentially lucrative sector is to thrive. Talking of the seaweed industry, Mr Speirs described it as: a global community’, saying: ‘I have been to China to see what is happening there and it is jaw dropping.’

The conference – supported by Highlands and Islands Enterprise – also heard presentations from research and industry experts. The aspects of cultivation including productivity, harvesting, regulations, socio-economic issues were discussed extensively. Professor Juliet Brodie, research phycologist at the Natural History Museum in London said: “I have been involved with seaweed for 30 years and this feels like our Cinderella moment, it feels like we are finally going to the ball”.

The slides are available below.

The Scottish Seaweed Industry Association

Walter Speirs – S.S.I.A.

Advanced textiles for open sea biomass cultivation

Guy Buyle et al. – AT~SEA

Seaweed production in land-based systems

Helena Abreu at al. – Seabioplas

Seaweed production in IMTA open-sea and land-based systems: Advantages and constraints

Céline Rebours – IDREEM

Societal Perspectives on Seaweed Aquaculture and Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture

Marc Shorten et al.– IDREEM

The economics of large-scale seaweed cultivation

Patrice Vandendaele. – AT~SEA

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