Bridging the gap between experimentation to commercialization of IMTA products

In an article published in Fish Farmer Magazine, Adam Hughes – SAMS, project coordinator, introduced some of the preliminary achievements and results obtained so far by the IDREEM project, now in its final year of activity.

We have bridged that gap from experimentation to the beginnings of commercialisation and in doing that we’ve learnt a lot of lessons about what does work and what doesn’t work, Adam says. We’ve come across a whole raft of constraints within the industry, including things such as the logistics of growing multiple species. You’re trying to create a hybrid industry so there’s a lot of disjoint between people’s knowledge and expectations in terms of production cycles and animal husbandry. Without support it’s very difficult – especially for small companies – to change their production model to a more diversified system.

So does IMTA offer a solution for European aquaculture? We go a long way in the IDREEM project to make this a reality, Adam says. We’ve gone from almost no IMTA in Europe to the first products of IMTA on the market and sold. We have the first IMTA licence in Norway and licences in Ireland, so the project is making steps towards the development of IMTA but there’s a long way to go, he concludes.

Read the full article here

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