IDREEM partners visiting IMTA pilot sites in Cyprus

Idreem partners in Cyprus
The IDREEM partners at the annual project meeting in Limassol Cyprus.

The third annual  project meeting was held last October in Limassol, Cyprus, hosted by IDREEM partners Marine & Environmental Research Lab Ltd. and Seawave Fisheries Ltd. The three day meeting was an opportunity to discuss the achievements of the project so far and the activitities planned for the final year. During the meeting a delegation of local aquaculture stakeholders including fish farmers and local regualtors was invited to meet the consortium and share their views about the challenges and opportunities for the commercial deployment of integrated multi-trophic aquaculture in Cyprus.

The meeting was complemented by a visit to the fish cages where Seawave Fisheries and MER Labs are testing a number of different species for IMTA farming, including mussels, scallops, abalones, sea urchins and blue crabs. All different species require the adoption of a dedicated IMTA model and all of them showed peculiarities and challenges, however the results from the tests are encouraging and some of these models will hopefully be validated for a scale-up of the cultivation soon.


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