IDREEM methodology published on International Journal of LCA

The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment has recently published an article by IDREEM partners Angelica Mendoza Beltran and Jeroen Guinée form Leiden University, titled “A pseudo-statistical approach to treat choice uncertainty: the example of partitioning allocation methods”.

This publication treats methodological aspects of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) relevant for Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) LCAs. We proposed and implemented a pseudo-statistical method to include, in LCA outcomes, data and choice uncertainty, specifically choice of partitioning allocation methods for apportioning environmental impacts in multi-functional processes. We believe the method presented in the article is a method that will gain relevance in the analysis of systems within the circular economy, where various functions are provided by a single system e.g. treating waste streams and providing products. In the case of IMTA systems, product is diversified and increased compared to the monoculture alternative. The co-cultured species become additional products of the system. Therefore, in the LCAs of IMTA systems, environmental impacts may need to be allocated among all the products i.e. finfish and co-culture species. We expect to apply this method to include uncertainty due to the choice of partitioning allocation method in our outcomes. In this way comparing fish product by monocultures and IMTA can be more robustly compared from an environmental perspective.

Find the paper here

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