Policy briefs: stakeholder attitudes, public acceptance of IMTA and regulations

A series of briefing documents were published at the beginning of 2016 by Dr. Karen Alexander, SAMS, presenting facts, figures and results from her work in IDREEM, which are relevant for policy makers and regulators in the aquaculture sector.

Stakeholder attitudes towards IMTA

This briefing discusses stakeholder attitudes to IMTA across six European countries in which pilot-scale IMTA operations are being undertaken, with a particular focus upon positive and negative impacts of IMTA as well as potential areas of risk and the ways in which this risk can be mitigated.

Stakeholder acceptance of IMTA or any other new aquaculture developments is likely to be based on a mix of local and national social, economic and cultural factors that are not easily transmitted across different national contexts. However, a number of issues cross the stakeholder groups and countries, suggesting that it is imperative that these key issues be addressed for IMTA to successfully move forward from pilot scale to commercial scale development. Download 

 Public attitudes towards IMTA

This briefing discusses general public attitudes to IMTA across five European countries in which pilot-scale IMTA operations are being undertaken. A survey was conducted with participants comprised of the general public from five countries: Ireland, Israel, Italy, Norway and the UK. Respondents had largely not heard of the term ‘integrated aquaculture’ previously, but after having the basic concept explained believed that it could help to improve the sustainability of aquaculture overall. Download

 Implications of Aquaculture Policy Regulation for IMTA

This briefing discusses flexibility within and the suitability of the current legal system in five European countries to cater for the adoption and management of Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA). it is apparent that the regulatory frameworks governing aquaculture operations are complex and extensive and draw from several branches and levels of law. This research has highlighted that there may be a need for a change to some aspects of the legal regime in order to accommodate IMTA. Download

We would like to aknowledge the work of Dr. Karen Alexander in compiling these briefs.

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